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Some say a picture says more than 1000 words. We at Gapit Nordics take that a step further by putting data collected by Gapit Nordics on top of 360 pictures. When you have technical locations spread around a large area or on different sites, pictures can be the best way to see how it is in real life.

360° pictures give an excellent overview of how a room or area is and how the equipment is placed. It has the benefit of high-resolution images and a google street-view navigation. Everything is run completely on-premise without any need for a cloud service.

360 overview

Being a pioneer in the market, Gapit Nordics combines 360° pictures with real-time data. This is done in Grafana utilizing a tool our customers are already familiar with. Imagine having google maps like navigation of your infrastructure with real-time data layered on top. It gives operators the ability to do virtual tours around their facility and inspect real-time values. Doing remote support is now a lot easier when you can guide a person on the phone while seeing the same as they are. You will see the same values on screen as they are reading on the instruments.

Gapit Nordics' 360° live data view is useful for all customers looking to centralize their operations. With a quick glance, the operators can get an overview of all their sites.


Training contractors and showing them where and how a job can be done minimize the time they have to spend in the facility. It also makes them more prepared and helps to mitigate the risk of errors as they are already familiar with the site they are working on.

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