Alarms and events

Get notified when something is wrong

Having control of your events and alarms is crucial for your operation. Your operation team should be able to get a quick overview of all events and alarms in as short a time as possible. Gapit Nordics has an alarm module built around the Alerta software. Alerta works as a centralized point that collects all alarms and events directly from Gapit Nordics' microservices or from Grafana. It is perfect for large screens and control rooms.

Custom alarms

For more advanced troubleshooting, alerts can be configured in Grafana with advanced algorithms. Alerts are then sent to Alerta and displayed together with the ones coming directly from the microservices. For third-party support, Alerta has a built-in API that can be used for third-party integration.

Alarms can be sent as SMS/Email by using 3rd party services such as Twilio and SendGrid. Other API-based integrations are also possible.

Seamless integration

Gapit Nordics' microservices are made to integrate seamlessly with Alerta. This means alarms that are generated in equipment are automatically uploaded to Alerta. There is no need for manual alert configuration as this is already taken care of by Gapit Nordics' standardized microservices.

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