Make your data weather resistant

Weather data is an essential factor for your facility. It always impacts all parts of your technical plant. When analyzing your plant and looking for abnormalities, having exact information about the outside weather is vital to finding the correct root cause.

Monitor your control system

Weather information is collected for a three days forecast period. This is a valuable asset when making decisions affecting future operations. Your control algorithms are set to keep a specific setpoint. By having outside weather in your monitoring system, you can verify that the control algorithms work as expected and regulate your process as fast as needed.

Accurate data source

To make sure our customers are getting the best possible weather data, Gapit Nordics uses the Norwegian Meteorological Institute services. Location accuracy is pinpointed by using geo-coordinates of your site.

Secure API

To make integration of these data sources easy, Gapit Nordics has collected all of them into one API. This means you only have to open one port to Gapit Nordics' API to access all external data sources gathered by Gapit Nordics.

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