Real-time visualization

We in Gapit Nordics take visualization seriously, with our design team developing visual guidelines built around already existing standards. Color coding, font size, and visual layout make operators spot irregularities as quickly as possible.





Quick overview of your operations

Navigation should be intuitive and straightforward to use. Gapit Nordics' top level of navigation is a map. This is well known to all people and provides a quick overview of your sites or operations. Key metrics are also added as an overlay to provide users a brief overview of their entire process. From the top-level map view, one can easily navigate down to get detailed information about a specific site.

The databar

The databar resides at the top of all dashboards, giving a quick look at key data of the infrastructure. Each dashboard has it's own unique databar, depending on what key data is relevant.

Tap off

Gapit Nordics' data hall view gives a complete layout of your data hall with all racks visualized. A and B power supplies are shown in predefined colors overlaid with data. This gives you live data of how much power is drawn to each rack. It also works as a navigation layer, and clicking a rack can give you a drill-down view of all data available in that specific rack.


Discover the technicality

We like to divide it between visual and technical - mirroring our customers diverse requirements.

Single Line Diagram

Single Line Diagrams (SLD) is a way to display how the electrical infrastructure is wired.

Gapit Nordics can deliver dynamic SLDs. Meaning technicians now can view the standard SLD documentation they are used to but with the live status of electrical equipment. Breaker positions and critical information are displayed directly in the dashboard.


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