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Summarise your system's performance with Gapit Nordics' report module. Gapit Nordics has built the report module from the bottom up to provide as much flexibility as possible. This means that the customer can have their own look and feel on the report templates. Gapit Nordics has made templates for some of the most used functions to make report generation faster, such as customer service level agreements. When you provide a service, you can now attach a report giving proof of you keeping within the agreed service level.

Choose from all collected data points to create an ideal historical review of what's happening behind the scenes of your system. Reports can also include advised actions to prevent unwanted events or optimization of daily operations.

Automatic report triggering

Reports can be triggered if a specific event occurs in your system. If an unwanted event such as a start up of a generator occurs, a report can be generated to assist with the investigation and documentation. It can be triggered at certain time intervals, like once every month.

Power Usage Effectiveness

Gapit Nordics' PUE report module consists of a standardised PDF report showing last month's PUE. It gives you a trend combined with max and min values. It can be used internally for documentation and management purposes or as proof for your customers of the efficiency of your operation.

Service Level Agreement

The Customer SLA report provides a key output from Gapit Nordics' customer module. This report can be used as an attachment to invoices sent to customers. As a basis, the rendered reports are stored in a local folder on the server. If reports are to be sent by email or stored in remote folders the server has to be configured.

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