Data center/Telekom

Be in control

We will assist and advise how you get control of your data center 24/7. In Gapit Nordics we offer consultants that can be available on-site or remote to optimise the use of the Gapit Nordics solutions for your data center.


reporting system

Ready, set, animate report

Summarise the daily operations of a data center with Gapit Nordics report module. Save time with our pre defined report templates and focus on streamlining your data center.

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Quick overview of your operations

We gather high-quality data and use both internal and external data sources to give the most precise information.

Example image of our navigation for multiple datacenters

Discover the technicality

We like to divide it between visual and technical - mirroring our customers diverse requirements.

The dashboards are developed in cooperation with manufacturers and distributors with detailed equipment and process knowledge. The flexible visualization and monitoring tool makes it possible to develop customized visualization to suit every need.

Example graph for data center data

Single line diagram

Single Line Diagrams (SLD) is a way to display how the electrical infrastructure is wired.

Gapit Nordics can deliver dynamic SLDs. Meaning technicians now can view the standard SLD documentation they are used to but, with the live status of electrical equipment. Breaker positions and critical information are displayed directly in the dashboard.

component monitoring

Be in control

In order to guarantee that the data center is working at all times, it is important to have control of the system. With a good rundown of the data center it can open new opportunities and functions.

Example of sld dashboard

UPS and Generator

PUE as a live value does not give many benefits, but it can be used for optimization and equipment tuning if stored historically. It's now possible to see how tuning a cooling machine affects the efficiency of the data center. Effects of external data sources like weather can be correlated against PUE to see how temperature changes the efficacy of the plant.

A generator converts motive power and converts it to electric power. There are machine diagnostics- diesel, oil pressure, temperature, etc.

Have historical data available for reporting. Proof for your customers that the data center is environmentally friendly. Compare PUE on your primary and secondary sites to find abnormalities.

Make sure the backup solution works

Monitor the health of the batteries by having a visual represetantion of them. The icons at the top of the battery will show you if they need maintenance and how fast they need it. Assure the customers that there is capacity in the data center- even when it uses it's backup solution.


Be alert

Alerta works as a centralized point that collects all alarms and events into a central point. It is built and tested on large screens and is perfect for displaying alarms in a control room. Your team should be able to get a quick overview of all events and alarms in as short a time as possible.

Seamless integration

Gapit Nordics microservices are made to integrate seamlessly with Alerta. This means that alarms that are generated in equipment are automatically fired to Alerta. There is no need for any manual alert configuration as this is already taken care of by Gapit Nordics standardized microservices. In addition, a heartbeat feature is implemented, giving an alert if one of the microservices stops or the equipment stops reporting.

Dashboard example of alerta overview

industrial automation

A redundant automation system

With extensive experience in industrial automation within the marine/offshore segment, we supply all automation to industrial customers. The automation philosophy is decentralized management, which makes the facility scalable and modern.

A system you can trust

The combination of industrial automation and central monitoring makes the system as a whole complete, with analyses, management, and insight.

Dashboard example of industrial automation