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Make the most of your data

Our services are based on the collection, storage, and visualization of data. The data can be drawn from electrical components, gas, heating systems, water, air pressure, temperature, and more.

Our service is manufacturer-independent and license-free and can be implemented on all measuring instruments. We have standardized some of our most used services, but we are also able to make tailored solutions to meet your needs.

All of our work can be done remote, no need for physical presence.

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Our backend software enables us to perform statistical analysis, measurements, and predictions to create analysis dashboards. The functions vary and are used differently based on the customers' needs. The available functions differ from simple histograms and percentile calculations to more complex predictive algorithms such as the Holt-Winters forecasting algorithm. In addition to traditional analytics tools, Gapit is also offering other means of analysis and monitoring, such as the ones stated below.


One of the most rewarding and intuitive graphical visualizations is the footprint. This analysis allows unnatural patterns in your data behavior to be easily recognized based on historical data and statistical measures.


Measure your climatic impact. Take advantage of Gapit's algorithms for calculation of CO2e from generators, EVs, waste management, and much more. The algorithms are constantly doing calculations on live data, enabling you to keep track of the CO2 footprint on a yearly, monthly, daily, or even second based time frame.


Be prepared for when unfortunate events occur. We deliver simulations of A/B power shutdowns, enabling you to perform precautionary actions to your system. The simulations are running in parallel with daily operation, which is not affected by the simulation.


Summarize your system’s performance with Gapit’s periodical reports. Choose from a range of parameters and options to create an ideal historic review of what’s really happening behind the scenes of your system. Gapit delivers both manually prepared- and automatically generated reports, including advised actions to prevent unwanted events or optimization of daily operation.



Our newest visualization tool is found within the virtual 3D world. The 3D platform enables the end-user to navigate through the monitored area in a virtual environment and interact with technical components, graphs, and much more. The graphs are available through a simple click on the datapoints and can be altered to show the time period of interest or through the drop -down menu. The drop-down menu contains all relevant parameters for the end-user and represents an easy way of navigating. To understand the graph and historical behavior, the end-user can easily access the dashboard solution through the 3D environment.


Our component viewer lets the end-user interact with the component and investigate how the component is put together. The component viewer also shows key features of the component, and technical information is easily accessible through a pdf document located in the technical information area.


Measurements outside of ordinary operation is easily recognized in the 3D atmosphere. The platform also supports health mode, a mode where the visual appearance is stripped down and only critical aspects are showing. The platform also supports split-screen visualization as well as 360° images.


Gapit is utilizing an open-source software tool for visualization and representation of data. The open-source platform community working on the visualization tool is currently made up of close to a thousand developers and is used by many world-leading firms.

The dashboards are easily altered to meet your needs and preferences. Meters, graphs, histograms, and much more are utilized to visualize the data both live and historically. The well-proven dashboard solutions make monitoring and analysis simple and intuitive.

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