why gapit nordics?

We solve problems

The Gapit Nordics platform is a licence-free open-source code platform which contains components such as integrations, visualization, analysis, and alert handling. The integrations have been developed complete with testing, verification, and alarming. Traditional hardware-based data loggers have been replaced with software to increase data quality and reduce costs.

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What makes us special?

Monitoring is key

Uptime is essential for critical infrastructure and the controllers are becoming autonomous. This means there's a declining need for central control systems and an increasing demand for centralised monitoring.

What vendor lock-in?

Utilize the hardware you already have installed. Gapit Nordics is completely manufacturer independent with no vendor lock-in. We have made standard integrations removing the need for project specific implementation thus removing cost from your project.

Open Source

We're built from the ground up by using open source components. Even the control systems we use are licence free. This gives a lower cost of ownership for our customers and removes limitations to unlock your systems full potential.

Scaleable for the future

We have developed our own specifications of how a modern state of the art Integrated management system(IMS) system should operate. Integrations are moved over to software, giving high quality data collection with precise time stamping and no bottlenecks. This adds scalability.

Limitless data

The amount of data available in modern equipment is far greater than what a control system can handle. Gapit Nordics splits monitoring signals into a dedicated system built to handle large amounts of time series data.

How do we benefit you?

Up your management

By using Gapit Nordics, upper management can look at the efficiency of how the data center is run and which measures should be the focus of the future. This applies to planning expansions, streamlining operations, marketing by documenting how efficiently the data center is operated.

Unburden technicians

Gapit Nordics' solutions are meant to ease the work of data center technicians. Technical data, power, cooling, leakage sensors, and other info becomes readily available. We connect your infrastructure to your data through visualization, making it easy for a technician to navigate to where an error is about to occur.

Improve the cost-benefit

Gapit Nordics is an excellent tool for entering information into applications that manage cost control, power expenses, invoicing, and especially applications for capacity planning for future expansion or reduction. Need to improve your data center efficiency? Our PUE reports have got your back.

How do we work?

Project run

We'll support you from the start and guide you through the process with best practices and know-how. Our work spans from smart energy data management in small buildings to complex monitoring of large industrial sites. We take pride in delivering services and products built on open-source tools without licenses.

1. Site review

Our key projects start with a review of the project scope. If retrofitting of projects is required we recommend a site visit from one of our trained technicians. What's important in this step is to make sure the signals are connected to the right system.

2. Information gathering

3. Installation

4. Training

5. Follow up


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We collaborate with hardware manufacturers

We believe that collaboration is king and the proof is in the pudding. We work directly with hardware manufacturers enabling you to utilize your existing components or have the freedom to choose what suits your system the best.

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Dashbords with expertise

Form your dashboard as intuitively and user friendly as necessary. Our experts create custom

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Free standardized integrations

Our service is manufacturer-independent and license-free and can be implemented on all measuring instruments.

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