We are Gapit Nordics

Gapit Nordics is a software company based in Drammen, Norway. Gapit Nordics delivers software and industrial automation, with the aim of delivering open systems, so that customers get the most out of the platform. We deliver license-free and believe that the more people who use data, the more it is worth.

Our work spans from smart energy data management in small buildings to complex monitoring of large industrial sites. We take pride in delivering services and products built on open-source tools without licenses.

Our beliefs and values

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We are fearless, and believe in borderless collaboration - open, share and involve. This connects to our usage of open source software - this benefits all of us! We believe in innovation and the power it delivers.

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Creative urge

We embrace our creative urge. In order to see development and innovation, there needs to be room for thinking outside the box. We embrace bold ideas- even if it fails, it is something to learn from.

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Give the nerd a home

We all have distinctive personalities with our own individual histories, knowledge, and experiences. Taking advantage of these unique perspectives gives us a broader understanding of situations, resulting in clever ideas, creativity, and superior solutions.

The team

Svenn Ove Edvardsen

Technical Director

Kjetil Mjøs

Software Director

Øystein Bondal

Chief Operating Officer

Mari Häbler

Finance Manager

Caroline Oxford

Project Director

Andreas Brosø

Project Manager

Janne Hennum

Key Account Manager

Lars-Håkon Lundgreen

Key Account Manager

Eirik Sigurdssøn Andersen

Technical Project Manager

Wictor S. Madsen

UX Designer

Kristine Hatlebrekke

UX Designer

Lars Remme

System Engineer

Anders B. Grimnes

System Engineer

Jostein Busengdal Fredriksen

System Engineer

Anders Lassen Kamsvaag

Marine System Engineer

Kenneth Holterhuset

Marine System Engineer

Annbjørg Laugerud Skaug

Apprentice Automation Technician

Sondre Boldvik

System Integrator

Ole Kristian Kåseth

System Integrator

Thor Michael Støre

Software Developer

Ole Henrik E. Flesaker

Software Developer

Helge Sondre Ulberg

Software Developer

Mwiza Kumwenda

IT Operation

Fredrik Sundmyhr

IT Operation

Henrik Pedersen

IT Operation

Rolf Pedersen

Service Director


Ekommnett authorizationApprentice certification

Gapit Nordics has Ekomnett authorization, which means that employees in the company have the necessary qualifications. The work that is carried out is of quality. The authorization is a requirement for electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

We take responsibility and take great pleasure in developing apprentices and employees.