Wall of Integration

We're Gapit

A company committed to bridging the gap between the automation world and the open-source IT world. We do this by standardizing equipment integration as containers. Our skills within collection, storage and visualization of data combined with extensive electrical knowledge make us able to quickly help our customers get full monitoring of their equipment.

Our services and products span from smart energy data management in small buildings to complex monitoring of large industrial sites. We hold pride in delivering services and products built on open-source tools without licenses.

Integrations delivered by Gapit are purely software-based and manufacturer-independent, meaning we support reading data from all types of equipment regardless of who has made it. Our staff holds the Norwegian communication certification (Nkom) and is certified for offshore work internationally.

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Our team
Kjetil Mjøs
Kjetil Kåsin
Technical Solution Architect
Svenn Ove Edvardsen
Senior System Expert
Jahn-Trygve Johansen
Head of Sales
Øystein Bondal
Professional Services Director
Mari Häbler
Project Controller
Caroline Oxford
Project Manager
Ellen Kristine Kristiansen
Project Manager
Ole Kristian Kåseth
System Integrator
Sondre Boldvik
System Integrator
Lars Remme
System Expert
Anders B. Grimnes
System Expert
Emil Horpen Hetty
System Expert
Mikael Jørgensen
System Expert
Eirik Sigurdssøn Andersen
System Expert
Thor Michael Støre
Software Developer
Helge Sondre Ulberg
Software Developer
Ole Henrik E. Flesaker
Software Developer
Frida Unneberg
Software Developer
Sverre Johan Tøvik
Software Developer
Wictor S. Madsen
User Experience Designer
Are you interested in technology and have a desire to work in the gap between automation and IT?
    Do you want to be our public face and work with the implementation of the Gapit system on-site? You'll work between the customer and our development team and promote suggestions on improvements and new functions on our products. It's expected that you can become an expert on systems, aid our customers with troubleshooting, and analyze events.


  • Implementation of the Gapit system on-site
  • Troubleshooting on communication buses
  • Startup of our microservices
  • Inspection on retro-fit projects on-site and composing of documentation
  • Installation of certain components such as communication converters
  • Customization of dashboards to meet customer needs

  • Certified automatician/electrician or other certifications for electrical work
  • Interest in IT, programming and, data
  • Knowledge about automation protocols such as Modbus, SNMP, MQTT, OPC UA, BACnet
  • A well-established understanding of processes and the ability to quickly familiarize with the customers' infrastructure