Gapit Nordics’ Beliefs

Arne Johan Grimsbo

Arne Johan Grimsbo - Opinion

1 Dec, 2021 - 6 min read

All value creation is grounded in people. What we think about ourselves and the people around us affects the way we reason. In addition, we have thoughts about our ideal way of working and which methods are most suitable for different situations. All of this affects how we value ourselves as individuals and together as a working community. Recently, we in Gapit Nordics decided to use our artistic talent to express our most valued beliefs. We are now proud to share those with you.


Finding meaning in Gapit Nordics’ vision

What does this actually mean? It means that everything is possible - all data can be collected, compiled, and transformed into added value - and we develop the solutions that make it possible. Moreover, this means so much more.

We pride ourselves in being 100% open, both in choosing technology with established and robust open source solutions and how we act as peers and colleagues.


Be who you are!

Be who you are - also at work. In Gapit Nordics, we want authentic and characteristic people. We all have distinctive personalities with our own individual histories, knowledge, and experiences. Taking advantage of these unique perspectives gives us a broader understanding of situations, resulting in clever ideas, creativity, and superior solutions.


Be open

Share what you produce and spread your knowledge. The more open you are, the easier it will be for others to understand your intentions, learn and help you. In an open culture, access to information is crucial for good decisions. As a result, we ensure that decisions are always based on the best possible information and knowledge.


Treat others as equals

Our business consists of the society around us. This includes colleagues, partners, suppliers, and customers. We should treat every one of these stakeholders with grace and respect. Taking good care of our partners and customers is great for all parties involved and is just as important as the manner in which we treat ourselves and our colleagues.


Believe in the good in people

We must assume that people have good intentions and trust that they are contributing to our growth. Micro-managing and doubting others is just harmful and drains energy from everyone involved. If you assume that your colleagues are capable in their field and act in the community's interest, it’s unlikely you will be let down.


Be trustworthy

Trust between people is the glue in every organization. Without trust, the whole puzzle crumbles down. Building trust is a slow process accomplished by communicating and acting to support and highlight each other's strengths. By keeping the promises we make, trust naturally develops and grows strong. In Gapit Nordics, we will always keep our word and carry out our objectives. The natural openness and the free flow of information that accompanies trust means getting things done quickly and effectively. In short, trust provides a better working environment. As an end outcome, this also results in a more elevated feeling of fulfillment and giddiness in the work.


Forget the mistake; remember the lesson

Like life, business is unpredictable. No one can predict the future, so let's embrace uncertainty and be good at taking advantage of the opportunities that come. We must act quickly, adapt, learn and look ahead. It presupposes that we dare to test bold ideas (even if they fail) and learn from our mistakes.


No feedback, no development

Good communication and constructive feedback are essential in an organization. We must establish a culture whereby giving each other feedback is a natural part of value creation, and we must develop simple routines that naturally nourish this attitude. The most important thing about feedback is creating a desire for learning and improvement.


Be independent

Dependencies are often complicated and can prevent growth. If we want to build a dynamic and developing business, we cannot establish a lot of unnecessary dependencies.

Contribute to understanding one's role and what it entails in terms of responsibility and need for interaction with others. In Gapit Nordics, it is overwhelmingly likely that you have your role because you are the best at exactly what you do. This means that you are the best at assessing what needs to be done to fulfill the responsibilities in the given role. In other words, it is expected that you, to a large degree, choose your own tasks and responsibilities. Do NOT expect to be micromanaged.

NB! Do not confuse independence with self-will and self-interest. Independence is about making choices according to the best ability and prerequisites, being action-oriented, and contributing to common goals.


Do not be inactive, be proactive

In Gapit Nordics, we depend on people being hands-on. If you think something should be improved, take the initiative to fix it yourself. Postponements are not preferable. Please do not do anything in the hope that someone else will see the problem and fix it. If something is unclear, get it clarified - This might be your role, a task, or something completely different.