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Gapit Unity

Impressive time-to-value. Unlimited scaling.

Everything you would expect to efficiently manage your data center..

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Maximize performance, reliability, and sustainability

  • Our Unity platform seamlessly integrates energy and power monitoring to deliver comprehensive insights for data center operators.
  • Gain a holistic view of energy consumption and power usage trends, identify inefficiencies and optimize resource utilization.
  • Real-time monitoring allows proactive management of operational efficiency, mitigating risks and preventing downtime.
  • Optimizing energy usage leads to significant cost savings while supporting sustainability goals.

Dynamic visualizations of your critical infrastructure

  • With our dynamic single line diagrams, technicians view the standard documentation they are used to but with the live status of electrical equipment, including breaker positions and critical information. Everything from pipes to valves and other advanced equipment can be displayed.
  • Our data hall diagram gives a complete overview with all racks visualized. A and B power supplies are shown in predefined colors overlaid with live data of how much power is drawn to each rack. Simply click on a rack to drill-down.
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Example image of a dashboard displaying the customers sites

Easy navigation of your data centre park

  • Our visualizations follow industrial standards, but they are also carefully designed to ensure an highly intuitive and informative experience.
  • Our navigation dashboards easily guide the user from global location maps, through to individual data centers and into the floorplan. Each dahsboard is unique to your data center park.

Actionable Intelligence for Informed Decision-Making

  • The Gapit Unity custom-built reporting tool gives you access to all your data.
  • Automated reports can be configured to run at set time intervals or in response to a specific trigger, such as at the startup of a generator, to assist with event investigation and documentation.
  • Our PUE report provides trend information combined with max and min values. Use it internally for documentation and management or as proof for the efficiency of your operation.
  • Use our SLA report is a ready template for supporting your customer billing. Like all Unity reports, it can be fully customized in line with your own branding.
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..with nice surprises, included as standard.

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Direct control of your infrastructure in the OT layer

  • Experience the power of unified control with Gapit Unity.
  • Full visibility and control over your OT environment.
  • Optimize performance, respond to changing conditions, or implement manual overrides such as seasonal operating modes.
  • Unity puts you in control of your OT infrastructure like never before.

Simplified Alarm Management for Enhanced Efficiency and Peace of Mind

  • Our comprehensive alarm management system is designed to streamline your monitoring and response processes.
  • Consolidate alarms from multiple sources into a single platform, enabling centralized monitoring and efficient incident management.
  • Enjoy customizable dashboards, real-time notifications, trend analysis, and reporting capabilities.
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Example image of a dashboard displaying graphs and singlestat data for one equipment

High volume data collection without limitations.

  • The amount of data available from modern infrastructure systems is far greater than what legacy BMS can handle.
  • The Gapit Unity software platform is specifically designed to effectively handle large amounts of time series data.

Constant innovation and unparalleled long-term value

  • Built primarily on open-source software, Gapit Unity represents ensured business continuity for our customers by avoiding vendor lock-in, tapping into a vast pool of expertise, and guaranteeing access to expert support.
  • The active development environment of the open source community means continuous improvement and the rapid implementation of new features, keeping our solutions agile and adaptable to evolving needs.
  • Transparency is at the core of our approach, and the open source community maintains clear and transparent roadmaps, providing insight into the future direction of the software.
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“The tech industry has shown over and over that open-source leads to better, safer and more secure products, faster innovation and a healthier market.”

- Mark Zuckerberg (2024)

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Software-based integrations remove bottlenecks and enable scale.

  • We have moved beyond traditional hardware-based data loggers.
  • Gapit Unity industrial integrations are software-only, allowing high quality data collection with precise time stamping, no bottlenecks and full scalability.

Add even more value with premium product & service add-ons.

  • Introducing our comprehensive data center monitoring service, offering both proactive and reactive solutions to safeguard the integrity and performance of your infrastructure.
  • Delivered from our state-of-the-art control room, the Gapit Nordics Operation & Command Center (GNOCC), our expert team provides round-the-clock monitoring and support.
  • We leverage advanced monitoring technologies and proactive strategies to detect and address issues before they escalate, ensuring uninterrupted operations and minimizing downtime.
  • Our reactive solutions offer swift response and resolution to any incidents that may arise, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in the reliability of your data center.
  • Trust Gapit Nordics to be your vigilant guardian, safeguarding your data center operations with precision and expertise.
  • Prepare your operations team for success with our innovative data center simulation service.
  • With this cutting-edge solution, we offer a unique opportunity to train your operations team even before the physical data center is constructed.
  • Our simulation platform replicates the intricate operations of a data center environment with stunning accuracy, providing a realistic and immersive training experience.
  • From routine maintenance procedures to emergency response protocols, our simulation enables your team to gain invaluable hands-on experience in a risk-free virtual environment.
  • By training your operations team before the data center is built, you can mitigate risks, optimize processes, and ensure readiness for seamless operations from day one.
  • Trust Gapit Nordics to empower your team with the skills and confidence needed to excel in the dynamic world of data center operations.
  • Enhance the performance and reliability of your data center with Gapit Nordics Professional Services.
  • In conjunction with your Gapit Unity deployment, our expert team offers comprehensive data center commissioning services at Levels 4-5.
  • From meticulous testing and validation to fine-tuning and optimization, our commissioning services ensure that your data center operates at peak efficiency and reliability.
  • Experience the highest standards of excellence in data center commissioning with Gapit Nordics Professional Services.
  • Elevate your operations and unlock the full potential of your data center infrastructure.
  • Gapit Nordics are delighted to offer our customers their own world-class monitoring center, built on proven technology and expertise.
  • With cutting-edge ergonomics and collaboration tools, high security and redundancy, and integrated specialist software, our Unity Control Room creates an unmatched workspace for performance and reliability.
  • Designed for those who demand excellence, we have set the bar for premium control room solutions. The Gapit Nordics Uptime service is itself delivered from our very own Unity Control Room, known as the Gapit Nordics Operation & Command Center (GNOCC).
  • Elevate your data center operations capabilities with the Unity Control Room from Gapit Nordics.
  • Introducing customizable reporting service tailored to meet your unique business needs.
  • While our Unity platform already offers a suite of standard reports, we understand that every business has its own specific requirements.
  • With Unity Business Reports, you have the flexibility to request any report you need, whether it's related to financial analysis, sales performance, compliance tracking, or any other aspect of your operations.
  • Our dedicated team works closely with you to understand your reporting needs and design custom reports that provide actionable insights and drive informed decision-making.
  • Unlock the full potential of your data center management software platform with Unity Business Reports, and stay ahead of the curve in today's dynamic business landscape.
  • Unlock the full potential of your operations data with our standards-based API service embedded in the Unity platform.
  • Seamlessly connect your data with internal business applications or external services to extract extra value and drive innovation.
  • Our easy-to-setup, secure APIs ensure a seamless integration process, allowing you to quickly harness the power of your data without hassle.
  • Experience the limitless possibilities of data integration and empower your business with actionable insights.