Future proof integration with Node-RED

Gapit is switching to Node-red as our future-proof integration engine. Read more about why we choose this direction for our integrations.

Gapit Nordics’ Beliefs

We here in Gapit are excited to share our 10 beliefs regarding how we want to work as individuals and, more importantly, together as a vibrant community.

How data needs design

A big part of our job is turning data into graphical information that can be easily acted upon. This article explores how we created a system that makes this task as painless as possible.

Choose openness

More and more customers are frustrated with solutions from larger corporations. Being locked to a specific manufacturer is a thing of the past, and here is why.

Gapit + data centers = true

The idea of data seems so simple and familiar however it is also quite complicated and distant. How is it all connected and what is Gapit’s contribution?