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Experience your data center in complete Unity

We have left behind legacy BMS / PMS / EMS / IMS and are redefining what is possible for data center operations, sales, and management.

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One pane of glass.
No rabbit holes.

Our solution for data center management comes not only with the operational monitoring and direct infrastructure control you would expect, but also advanced analytical dashboards, alerting, and reporting.

All features included, all out-of-the-box and ready-to-go, giving you unparalleled access to all operational data points and a single source of truth for your entire team.

From signal to screen. One intuitive overview, without unwarranted limitations or distractions.

Full control of your key metrics.

Today’s data center operators need high resolution, real-time data delivered in a unified model that enables data-driven planning and decision-making.

Our solutions serve the entire data center organization, breaking down silos between departments and fostering collaboration, with every team enjoying on-demand access to their own essential metrics.

Reduce costs, drive growth and attract customers with key data at your fingertips, including: PUE, environmental sustainability, customer power usage, capacity planning, scalability and regulatory compliance.

Quick to deploy and ready for scale.

Many legacy BMS suppliers remain entrenched in outdated models, often secured around proprietary hardware. These are slow to deploy, slow to scale, and slow to adapt, with inherent limitations to operational visibility.

Our vendor-agnostic systems enhance your freedom to choose from any supplier and to evolve your operational infrastructure over time. We have a comprehensive library of ready-to-go industrial integrations.

Our software-driven approach eliminates the need for custom hardware and paves the way to an efficient, scalable, and future-proof data center ecosystem.

Quick to deploy, our systems are reliable and resilient even in the face of the most demanding operational conditions.

Abstract image of a datacenter

Already supporting more than 420MW across Scandinavia

Gapit Nordics has taken a fresh approach and built, from the ground up, a standardized, all-in-one system tailored specifically to meet the needs of modern data centers.

The forward-thinking design and architecture of our offering delivers the freedom and flexibility to quickly integrate with a diverse range of suppliers, technologies, and platforms.

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An end-to-end solution

Gapit Converge

Our professional service that surfaces all your OT in your IT layer, and enables smooth data transport between the two.

Built on modern OT/IT convergence methodology and architecture.

Vendor-agnostic, with no proprietary hardware.

Includes OT network design & drawings, engineering documentation and full test to Level 3.

Gapit Unity

Our highly scalable on-prem software platform, built specifically for data centers.

Provides a comprehensive view and complete control of your infrastructure.

Serves as a high-resolution single source of truth, enabling data-driven decision-making throughout your organization.

Real-time and historical visualisations. Reporting and alerting. Power & capacity management. Energy management. Direct infrastructure control. Environmental management.

Gapit Insight

Our cloud platform that ensures continued and maximum long-term value for our customers.

Enables smooth collaboration with our customer service teams.

Premium value-add subscription services in association with your Unity installation.

Dare To Compare. Put Your Existing / Prospective Provider To The Test.


Quick deployment

Gapit Nordics offer simplified architecture, ready-made integrations. Full data simulations to ensure seamless integration and familiarity from day one.

Challenge your provider:

"Can I train my operators on your system even before the data center is completed?"


All data, always

Gapit Nordics offer unrestricted access to all data points, across the OT network, without incurring additional costs or restrictions. No throttling & properly time-stamped.

Challenge your provider:

"Do I have unrestricted access to all data points across my entire OT network, without incurring additional costs?"



Gapit systems are specifically designed to accommodate future growth and evolving requirements, for example due to merger or acquisition.

Challenge your provider:

"How scalable is your system, and what measures are in place to accommodate my future growth and evolving requirements?"